Stage Show

Machine de cirque

Disciplin:  Various circus arts

Lenght:      1h20 min

Genre:        Comic, poetic and ingenious performance


Machine de Cirque, a modern circus company based in Quebec, presents their first production in March 2015. This project which combines circus techniques, percussion and automation is the product of very successful research and creation sessions in 2012-2013.


Artistic Director: Vincent Dubé

Street ShowS

En vrac

Disciplin:  Duo Juggling, acrobatic bike and unicycle

Lenght:     40 min

Genre:       Interactive comic performance


In this show, we simply recognize the dynamic and playful personalities of Yohann and Raphael. With all of their generosity, they offer every last bit of their impressive talent with a touch of humor. Juggling, unicycling, bicycling and a variety of acrobatics. We must not forget that the audience plays a big role in this performance. They will be called to come participate on stage as well as have the joy of cheering the artists on from beginning to end!

Un et demie

Disciplin:  Unicycle and acrobatic

Lenght:  30 min

Genre:  Interactive comic Performance


Raphael Dubé concurs the public with his acrobatics and his stunts on the unicycle. With his humoristic personality, he loosens up the atmosphere for the public to feel comfortable. Accompanied by his beautiful assistant, they make the audience participate and involved.


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