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Stage Acts

Juggling Acts


Disciplin:  Duo Juggling with clubs

Lenght:     7 min

Genre:       Comic Performance




Despite their delay, two hideous and dangerous fools present their number. Directly out of an inbred world, their perception of beauty is erroneous. So it is without embarrassment that they exhibit their feat. "...bof" uses the world of comics to constantly surprise the audience. Due to their "gadget bench" and their many juggling clubs, they even surprise themselves. You will see that there is only one step between the sublime and the absurd.


Disciplin:  Duo Juggling with clubs

Lenght:     4 min

Genre:       Performance



Two dynamic characters bring a breathtaking juggling routine of international caliber alive in this act. Be transported to a mesmerizing world by two young, charismatic men. Clubs fly through the sky and pass from hand to hand to the tempo of an energetic piece of music, which results in an entertaining and bewildering juggling act.

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