Stage Acts

Cycling Acts

Disciplin:  Acrobatic bike with cane and hat

Lenght:     5 min

Genre:       Charismatic performance






This is a performance inspired by the era of the 40's, reinvigorated by a fresh young acrobat and his bicycle. For this number, the “Gentleman” brings the banal objects of his daily routine to life. His cane, his hat, and his bicycle dance together to a contemporary swing rhythm. High level prowess and a contagious freshness illuminate this number.


EL Tango

Disciplin:  Unicycle with assistant

Lenght:     6 min

Genre:       Duo comic performance




A talented unicyclist finds that his beautiful assistant has gone missing. His only choice? Replace her with his brother in law. Once hired, his brother in law wants all the attention that he can get to prove he was the right man for the job. Upstaged somewhat, the unicyclist has to prove himself, and is willing to climb to dizzying heights to do it.

Le Bossu

Disciplin:  Acrobatic bike with cane and hat

Lenght:     6 min

Genre:       Poetic performance






This performance is a look into the life of an unloved character ashamed of his past. He has only one desire; to show his inner goodness. Sometimes clumsy in sharing his emotions, he still manages to create his own happiness. This short moment of his life is the unexpected meeting of his companion, his pet that he tames, his worst enemy with whom he competes, his unconditional love who he admires: his bicycle… the freedom he was looking for. A humorous poetry that explores the heart warming mixed with the bizarre.


Disciplin:  Bike parts manipulation

Lenght:     5 min

Genre:       Poetic character




The lovable character, the “Hunchback”, appears here in a world dismantled. His only sidekick is in pieces. He tries desperately to revive him. It is with a glimmer of hope that each of the detached pieces of his bike take on a new life through the eyes of this character. Through this piece of visual poetry, the imagination of your childhood will come alive again. At times touching, at times comical, at times tragic... you will become enraptured with the emotional contortion of this character.

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Photo: Marie-Ève Kingsley